Inspiration means nothing, if we do not create. Yes, the focus here is on creating. If there is only one thing we share in common with every human being on this planet, it’s that we all are given exactly the same amount of time. No one has more, no one has less. True, our circumstances and responsibilities may differ, so this forces us to use our basic human right. Our right to act with free will. Our right to say no. To have the time for the creative process, there are things we have to say no to. How many times did you say ‘NO’ today?

DJ Ashba was born to create.

DJ Ashba story by Vanessa Pascale in Miami Living · Photos by Dustin Jack Photography

Inspiring story about DJ Ashba in Miami Living magazine. When you are talented and pursue your dreams, you can rise to the top doing what you love doing.

There’s something about building and creating. I can’t just kick back and take it easy–so it’s very easy to leave the rock star on stage.

DJ Ashba

Read the story here:

Dustin Jack shooting DJ Ashba – behind the scenes.

In an age of mass production when everything must be planned and designed, design has become the most powerful tool with which man shapes his tools and environments (and, by extension, society and himself). This demands high social and moral responsibility from the designer. It also demands greater understanding of the people by those who practise design and more insight into the design process by the public.

Victor Papanek